Latest General Seminar Topic for CSE Students on Cyborg

This paper discussed about the concept of Cyborg, cybermetics and its applications.  Cybermetics is closely related to control theory, electrical network theory, system theory, neuroscience etc. Cyborg is evolved from Cybermetics concept. Cyborg is also termed as cybermetic organism which deals with both biological and artificial values and it is a mixture of organism and technology. 


Cyborgation is the process of becoming a cyborg, which is half living and half machine.  Cyborg with artificial hearts, cyborgs with retinal implants, cyborgs with brain sensors cyborgs with bionic arms are different types of cyborg. Cyborg eel and robo roach are considered as animal cyborgs.  Cyborg concept is used in military and medicine applications. Cyborgation is used as a treatment of Parkinsons disease – treatment for the people who are suffered with vision problem. Due to improved technology, cyborg is an organism with enhanced abilities. A patient fitted with an insulin pump can also be considered as cyborg, since these mechanical parts improves the body’s natural mechanisms through feedback mechanisms. 

White lab rat is the world’s first cyborg. To extend organizational complex functioning as an integrated homeostatic system unconsciously, cyborg is proposed for the first time.  The intimate relation between human and machine lead to the evolution of this concept.  Cyborg is a man-machine system which controls the human body control mechanisms from external by using drugs or regulatory devices.   


Cyborgology is the future technology to implement the real human needs. All the terminators which are developed and implemented are all considered as cyborgs only. The main demerit of this concept is people who are rich can make use of this technology and fight against many diseases and in turn can live for long time as much they wish.  Using this technology one can know the location and condition of a implanted person which is a serious concern comes under human privacy violation.  The main advantage of this technology is re-engineering of human species.  As an artificial life wins against organic life the quality of life is significantly improved. 

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