Biosensors PPT and Seminar Report

Introduction to Wearable Bio sensors Seminar:

Bio sensors are the combination of bio receptor and transducer. The bio receptor is a biomolecule that identifies the target whereas transducer converts the identified target into the measurable signal. Biosensors are used in the market in many diverse areas. They are also used in the clinical test in one of the biggest diagnostic market of 4000 million in US$.

They are very useful to measure the specific thing with great accuracy. Its speed can be directly measured. They are very simple. Receptors and transducer are integrated into single sensors without using reagents.

Applications: in health department, industries for process control, used by military, and for environment monitoring.

Bio receptor molecule contains enzymes, antibody, and receptor protein having specific hormones.

Transducers are of many types like conventional, enzyme, piezoelectric transducers etc.

Receptors: receptors are protein membrane, in which most of them are bound in cell membrane. Many membranes are released in the blood and they do not penetrate the cell membrane. Few receptors are taste and olfactory.

Types of biosensor: glucose biosensor. When glucose combines with air in presence of glucose oxide then it form gluconic acid and certain bi-product.Atmospheric biosensors, a potentiometer biosensors like penicillin and urea.

Design variables:some methods are used for design variables like absorption, entrapment, covalent coupling, cross linking also change in conformation, change in microenvironment, non- uniform distribution and reaction and diffusion.

For future use biosensors should be able to process data and recognize pattern. It uses micro instrument with molecular electronics which are disciplinary in nature.

Conclusion: it is a recognition system consists of enzymes, antibodies which are mobilized on the surface of physic-chemical transducers. It has few disadvantages also like they cannot be steam sterilized, they react with product easily, and they are very over sensitive.

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