B.tech CSE Seminar Topic on Multi Biometrics

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Multi Biometrics:

The system is advanced in terms of the authentication process due to the threat concerns of the Personal data and security. The process of the systems to access currently is not very efficient. The conventional Biometric system is based on the single Biometric identified like fingerprint, image.

The mentioned Biometric system has some specific and single identification method. The Multi- Biometric is advanced and possessing the more identification process to not authenticate the un- register user. This technology is required for the more identification system in a very little time.

The Multi Biometrics posses single and multiple sensors to get the information like image and fingerprint at the same time and the fused algorithm is implemented to develop a one identification result for all authentication process. 

The one developed technology of the Multi Biometrics authentication system has been created by the Fujitsu. The technology is based on the personal identification data. The system is highly secured due to many authentication method and tough to decode the process. This technology is very efficient and can be implemented in many areas like the Banking, Hospitals, Offices, and Passport Issues. The business can be done very effectively and secure with the use of the Multi Biometric Technology. 

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