Autonomous Under Water Vehicles Electronics Final Year Seminar Report

Introduction to Autonomous Under Water Vehicles Seminar Report:

The two thirds of the earth surface is covered by water and it is very difficult for a human being to go into deep oceans for making a study of the species present. So we are not that aware of the available species of plants and the aquatic life present in the deep oceans. So there is need for the development of autonomous under water vehicles which can mover under deep oceans. In this paper we will look into the development of underwater vehicles and how they work under water in deep oceans.

Development of underwater vehicles:

The concept of submarine came in the 17th century and but the practical model of submarine was designed by Reverend George W. Garret and it worked on fireless steam engine and it capacity of ten hours. In the recent years a drastic development has been made in the design of submarines and they are having many advanced features.Depending on the usage the submarines are classified has manned and unmanned systems. Manned systems are used in military and non military purposes for the purpose of investigations and for operating under water.

Whereas the unmanned systems have a onboard computers and they perform the operations of the [redefined task and they can be communicates through wireless communication. unlike radio signals which are used in land communication and they are suitable for communication in underwater so we use acoustic signals which can propagate through multi paths are used in underwater communication. in the design of a underwater vehicles we find command and control section which contains remote terminals for controlling and tail section which has a motor operated fan which makes the vehicle to move underwater.


The underwater vehicles are used mainly for military purpose for proving security in the coastal areas. We find other unmanned systems which are used for making a study on the plant species and to find aquatic life and to explore minerals which are available in deep oceans. 

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