Automatic Vehicle Locater PPT Seminar Report

Introduction to Automatic Vehicle Locater Seminar Topic:

It is a vehicle tracking system based on computer; it uses data from satellite and land communication to display the information of running vehicle.  AVL have alarm systems, digital communication, computer aided software, real time passenger information.  There works on different technologies used by AVL systems. 

Tracking;we used two types in tracking system like passive tracking and real time. It is used for tracking vehicles only. A passive device is installed in the vehicle that keep record of vehicle information, speed location of vehicle, time,its velocity and when it return to base station all data are downloaded.  We also use real time tracking system for tracking vehicle. It uses GPS and GSM technology both and then combines them to track the location. It uses an emergency cellular phone for two calls in emergency.

Consumer assistance unit: they usually provide traffic information to the road way driver.

With GPS; now a differential GPS can also be employed for advanced tracking. It sends information with the help of satellite.  It has lots of benefits:

–          Reduce additional manual data entry

–          Better connection between operators and supervisors

–          Provides necessary information to the passengers looking for bus or train.

–          Provide accurate data for scheduling

Uses: it can be used in tracking vehicle locations, informing arrival time, warns vehicle that enters restricted area.


–          By military when they are battle to know their current position, map aircraft.

–          By geo catchers  who go different places for searching something,

–          Used by parents to track kids, they use simple software in their vehicle and that is plotted on the map wherever they go.

–          In cargo, to know how much distance of left from destination and to inform when it get stolen.

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