Automatic Street Lights on and off Using Light Dependent Resistor ECE Project Report

Introduction to Automatic Street Lights on and off using Light Dependent Resistor Project:

In this busy life human had no time to spend time to look after each and every primary thing around him, in order to save his time and energy in everyday life so technology providing options like automatic control systems, sensors minimizing the effort of mankind.

As we from basics energy neither be created nor be destroyed but one form of energy is transformed to other making the energy in entire universe to be constant, here come the real question is the energy transformed is going to be utilized properly, for this question the answer we can say is no, we have to save and conserve this wasting energy, this is very crucial aspect in the minds scientists. So they provided a path to solve the problem in one of the considered areas like street light controlling.

Now our project is about automatic street light control using (LDR), which is gaining enormous attention in these days, here LDR is nothing but light dependent resistor the purpose of this light dependent resistor is to control the on/off conditions in the control system, and also o regulate the circuit based on the sunlight by varying the resistance. 

It is a photo resistor this cell is made of cadmium sulphate,    the function of this resistor is whenever the light intensity is low the resistor operates at high conductive state and at day light its operates as mere insulator and resists the flow of electricity.

These photo cells find applications in street light, clock radios, alarms,  camera light meters and also in dynamic compressors, coming to advantages these small, inexpensive , operates even in low currents, easy to operate and no need of manual attention , in our project we use 18F452 Microcontroller along with RS232 IC at a power Supply of 5v dc With LED. And this total assembly and operation including the performance characteristics are explained in detail in our project.

Download Automatic Street Lights on and off using Light Dependent Resistor ECE Project Report.

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