Automatic identification and data capture technology (AIDC) is to identify an object or people through a machine automated process. All of this process are been done automatically without any human involvement, the only case in human involvement is when a user scanning an AIDC equipped item which is bar coded. Information related to the object is known as identification data. The data may be of text, image, video or sound. Before writing the data to the computer system, data should be converted to a digital file, these file are been analyzed by a computer with the file in the computer database to provide authentication to enter to the secured system.

AIDC consist of three main principles: Data encoding, Scanning, Data decoding. Some of the main AIDC Technologies are Barcode, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Biometrics, Magnetic Stripes, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Smart Cards, Voice Recognition, Electro Article Surveillance (EAS), and Real Time Locating System (RTLS). This paper discusses all the above technologies in brief.

Sensors play an important role in the automation and control system. Sensor are an measuring device that measure a physical quantity and converts into signal that can be easily read by the instrument used, it is capable of giving detailed description about the given object. Applications such as aerospace, robotics, cars are making use of the sensors. Newly designed sensors are capable of collecting information much more than an traditional sensors, traditional sensor are basically wired whereas newly designed sensors are wireless which make more useful in almost all the application. The use of AIDC technologies has helped in identification of objects or people in much more efficient and accurate way.The correctness in identification has reduced the need for repeated verifications of data for assurance and safety. AIDC has helped millions of business processes and system to operate in faster processing and with efficient authentication process to ensure security to the users.

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