Academic Project (Industrial project) :

Project Title: ATM WEB Reporter Using JEE (WEB) Technology Follows MVC and DAO Designing pattern

Project Description:  The project titled ‘ATM Web Reporter’ is a simulation of ATM log tracing application. 

The present-day trend leaves no space to any sector from spacing from the advanced technology adaptation. As a result, we find almost all banks depending a lot on the ATM centers and situating them at all possible corners of the city in and around. In this scenario, it is difficult to maintain the ATMs, and checking them manually.

Thus we propose this solution. The present project is all about generating graphical analysis report of various operations to be done the atm machines.

The present engine is connected to a simulation database of atm operation logs and using these logs the web reporter generates various graphs on various operations and downtime and uptimes of the ATM machine.

This allows the bank authorities to monitor the frequency of transactions per atm and helps them to keep the condition and in increasing or decreasing their number.

The present project is developed in web interfaces, allowing the bank authorities to view the reports where ever they are in the most customizable colors and variations, through a secure login account.

  • Architecture Of the Atm Web Reporter:

This project uses JEE(WEB) Technology to build the interface. Managed Beans talk to DAO (Data Access Objects), which talk to the database using JDBC.

So overall architecture is – JEE Components -> Managed Beans -> DAO -> JDBC -> Oracle Database. It also uses a filter (Intercepting Filter design pattern) to ensure only authenticated users access secured pages.

 Software Requirements

  • Operating system:     Windows 2000 /XP or later
  • Front End Software:       Java
  • Back End Software:      SQL – SERVER
  • Servers:       Tomcat Server  6.0

ATM WEB Reporter Using JEE (WEB) Technology Follows MVC and DAO Designing pattern.