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This category consists of android projects list, android projects with source code which can be downloaded by final year students. Android projects can be implemented as mini projects and final year android projects. You can download entire project report android project abstract.

In present  trend software engineers can develop own applications which can be useful for android phones and submit them to companies .

  1. Service-Centric Framework for a Digital Government Application Project (Latest Android project)
  2. Privacy Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Project  (Latest Android project)
  3. Locating Equivalent Servants over P2P Networks Project  (Latest Android project)
  4. Learning Semi-Riemannian Metrics for Semisupervised Feature Extraction Project  (Latest Android project)
  5. Going Back and Forth Efficient Multideployment and Multisnapshotting on Clouds Project  (Latest Android project)
  6. Dynamic Audit Services for Integrity Verification of Outsourced Storages in Clouds  (Latest Android project)
  7. Cloud Computing for Agent-Based Urban Transportation Systems Project  (Latest Android project)
  8. Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords using Color and Images Project
  9. A Query Formulation Language for the data web
  10. Account tracker android project with source code  (Latest Android project)
  11. Age Calculator Android Code
  12. Call Blocker Android Source Code

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