Account Tracker Android Project with Source Code

Account tracker android project explains about implementing an app for android mobiles which will help users to know about bank balances in different banks and their transactions information.

In present trend usage of apps had become a new trend because of availability of web services on mobiles.

By considering these improvements in mobile technology knowing information of money transactions through mobile in less time can be a useful application for users.

In this application initially, users need to install the app and update details like listing out different banks and adding new bank accounts.

Here you can download entire project code with how to run instructions provided in the document and features of the project in detail.

Account tracker android project source code and running instructions.

17 Replies to “Account Tracker Android Project with Source Code”

  1. Good evening All.

    Any one please help me. i have two antroid mobile i will install one software in both mobile .if i want to send one(mobile) message to another(person) mobile that message automatically view another antroid mobile . It is possible or not ?

  2. In this project have some logical mistakes…
    –> In this application designed for mobile banking/net banking. so we can only deposit/transfer the amount to any account. we could not withdraw amount through this application.but in this app have a withdraw is logically wrong…

    –>i already told that it’s like a mobile banking/net banking.. so don’t need complete details about the account… mobile banking/net banking user name and password is enough…

    please correct this application… it’s helpful to students…
    thank you..

  3. Account Tracker Project not going to install into emulater..
    When I run the program at that time it will launch Emulator but not Installing or running the Account Tracker project

  4. tis site is good with some great projects…am a newbie in this…so can someone please tell me how to implement and run the source for any project here,in detail please,your help is greatly appreciated n thanks…
    pls mail me the method or procedure

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