A Multi-Agent Multi Sensor Based Real-Time Sensory Control System for Intelligent Security Robot

The multi-agent multi sensor based real-time sensory control system for intelligent security robot is a autonomous robot is an unmanned vehicle that runs in a field continuously by sensing an obstacle in its path. This obstacle sensing is possible by an infra red sensor.An embedded project is a combination of hardware and software designed to perform a specific task. The main scope of this project Sensing fire using the flame sensor and prevent the fire accidents domestically sector, safe the human resource and reduce the complexity in design. 

                 Unlike current IR transmitter and receiver based projects in which the intruder has to pass through a certain region where IR radiation from transmitter is interrupted which in turn is detected as a intruder presence, this approach has following major drawbacks. Any non living body or animals which pass through this setup will trigger the alarm which is totally undesirable (we want only human intruder to detect). It is confined to very small region i.e. you can only attach this mechanism to passage or gate or door .You cannot detect presence of intruder jumping the fence with one sensor or big open spaces like your garden etc Advantage of Human heat based home security system. Totally eliminates false alarm triggering, i.e. it detects human intruder only. It can detect presence of intruder small to large area i.e. it can detect up to  14meters with 110 degree freedom. With the help of microcontroller and GSM the system can send SMS to the preloaded number when a intruder is detected. Microcontroller will activate the alarm and lights once the intruder is detected. System is automatically disabled during the day time to avoid unnecessary alarm triggering, this feature can be enabled or disabled.

                 The moments of this robot is controlled using motors, the motor is driven with the help of driver i.e. L293D which consists of (H-bridge circuit) internally. The controller can’t drive a stepper motor which requires above 5 Volts, for that reason we required L293D driver externally.

download  A Multi-Agent Multi Sensor Based Real-Time Sensory Control System for Intelligent Security Robot .

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