5 Pen Pc Technology Documentation

Introduction to 5 Pen Pc Technology Seminar Topic:

Computers have evolved over generations, the first computer was as big in size as a room, nowadays there are all types of computers like desktops, laptops, netbook, tablets, palm tops etc. The most common problem that we face while having a computer is its portability, yes there are ultra-weight laptops and ultra books available in market, but still a bag is needed to transport it along with us. The proposed system talk about an innovation that shrinks our computer into 5 pens, amazing isn’t it. The official concept behind this 5 pen PC technology is developed by NEC and is named Pen-style personal networking gadget package or P-ISM.

The components of this concept include:

CPU Pen: This can be used majorly for communication like a mobile phone, this will be acting as a central hub to other pens and will be networked through wireless technology like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

 Display LED Projector: Projects images in a A4 size with a resolution pixels of 1024*768

Laser Keyboard: This is a unique concept where laser rays are used to project a QWERTY keyboard where we can actually type words that will get displayed on the virtual screen projected by the projector pen. This is termed officially as virtual laser keyboard and can control intensity, timeouts, connection to PC’s etc.

Camera: A small camera which rotates 360 degree is installed inside the pen which acts as a web cam and is connected to other devices using Bluetooth technology. One disadvantage of this camera is that it is range limited. With good pixels in it, the camera will give an excellent picture and video clarity.

Storage Device and Battery: The battery is power efficient and lasts long on one charge. This part also includes a drive space where we can store our data and recover it whenever we want. 

This concept is a pretty exciting one and who knows, another computer revolution is definitely on the cards. People will carry this pen set instead of laptops and tablets.

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