4G wireless system Abstract

Introduction to 4G wireless system Seminar Topic:

For any company, consumer satisfaction is the main priority, without the support of the customer no company can grow in this competitive market. With most of India’s population distributed among youth, the demand for a faster, safer internet is huge. Earlier when mobile phones were on the starting stage there were only very few service providers in the market, but now the whole scenario has changed, the competition has tightened and that has resulted in slash of call rates and net package rates which in turn has benefitted the customer.

Today’s generation believe in a life with no wires, they want everything on the move; be it downloading a movie, video calling friends or even making a presentation online. 4G is the newest technology of the mobile communication block; not only is it faster than its previous avatars like 2G & 3G, it is much securer and user friendly as well. Another major thing that 4G covers is the smooth and efficient switching of the networks, interoperability is easily handled. Many consumers prefer to buy products online and with the help of 4G the business of a E-Shopping site would increase many folds. 

There are basically two types of mobile transmission technologies: 

TDMA : Time division multiple access

CDMA.  Code division multiple access 

Types of 4G Hardware are ultra wide band networks and smart antennas and types of software include SDR or Software defined radio where we can switch from one technology to another. The whole data are divided into packets which are then encrypted before transfer and this forms the basics of internet.

These data packets are flexible, extensible and reliable. QoS should be maintained at a high level during data transmission, if losses occur, QoS level will go down drastically. IPv6 is the protocol used to transmit these encrypted data packets. 

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