This 3G mobile Communication Comparisons Of 3G Standards Paper presentation topic mainly explain you about the 3G technology, how 3G technology is more faster than the other 2G and 1G technologies, in 3G mainly uses WCDMA and CDMA technologies where WCDMA is the wireless code division multiple access and CDMA is the code division multiple access and this 3G technology provides the video calling, mobile TV and high data rate services compared to 2G and 2.5G technologies and data rates provided by the 3rd generation system where it is 200 kilo bits/sec, 1G is implemented in the year 1981 to 1982, each generation is having separate bands, for every ten years the new generation is implemented and come in to existence. 3G firstly used in Europe, china and Japan and other countries preferred 2G technology only at that time, but now the customers require the high data rate, so 3G implemented.

First private sector provided this 3G security in India was Tata Docomo  in November 2010, next provider of these services by reliance in December 2010, and airtel, Vodafone, Aircel are started 3G services in january 2011. 3G provides high data rate, good security, mobile TV, video conferencing, telemedicine, and also provides traffic information and HSPA is the advanced version in WCDMA technology.

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