Wireless Ac/Dc Device Control for Appliances Using Remote Control Abstract

 WIRELESS AC/DC DEVICE CONTROL FOR APPLIANCES USING REMOTE CONTROL ABSTRACT project describes to control the Home appliances wirelessly using IR data communication. When we access the remote by pressing a key, the IR transmitter sends a signal to the Receiver which is placed in the desired room as bursts of non-visible light. The Receiver in the other end is a photodiode or photoreceptor that detects and captures the light pulses, which are then processed to retrieve the information they contain. This application uses TSOP1738 receiver which will accept input signals form IR transmitter in the form of RC5. The microcontroller captures the RC5 format and controller performs the necessary action by turning ON/OFF the home appliances.

The applications are they can operate multi number of appliances with out moving from the place where we are.

download Wireless Ac/Dc Device Control for Appliances Using Remote Control project Abstract.

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