Web Traffic Analyzer Tool PHP Project


It is a web traffic analyzer tool which helps you to keep track on website traffic. You can monitor the website traffic. You can measure your website Popularity around the world. You can find how much peoples have visited on your website, which is coming to your website, from which country, from which operating system, through which keyword.

Existing System:

In The Existing System We Dot have any tool to trace the information about the website like how much people have visited that web site or from where its open all that is not stored any where

Draw Backs:-

  • No Security
  • No Tracking of users
  • No Data Storage

Proposed System & Features

  • Which pages did the visitors click on while visiting the site.
  • How much time was spent on each page?
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO).
  • Through which keyword almost the visitors are coming to your website.
  • Which source Did the peoples who are visiting to your website.
  • How many visitors are on online on website i.e. at Real Time.
  • What Is the Bounce rate og webpage on website.
  • How many times a particular page has been viewed by visitors
  • How many visitors from which country have visited your website.
  • Works in all Browser i.e Firefox,Opera,IE
  • 24/7 email & technical support


  • WAMP — Web Application Server
  • PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
  • MySQL — Database
  • XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language



  • Login: – By using this module the users can login in to the website by giving the user name & Password. for security we are using this module
  • Registration: – This module is for taking the data of all the users who are using our website tool and will save all the information about the users who are using our application.
  • Intuitive interface
    Managing website by admin requires no any special skills or programming skill. You have to just know how to use a browser. All the functionality is inbuilt in the Website Analysis Tool  It was built to be simple and readily usable!
  • Security
    Website Analysis Tool provides full security to your details. It is protected by Username and password. You should change password after some time for security purpose.

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