Walking Stick With Heart Attack Detection ECE Seminar

The supplies of Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection is utilized every day to show the heart situation and to identify the heart attack and emergency assistance. This was modeled mostly to assist senior people and patients suffering from heart disease. This includes three common sub units. They are Circuit, Analysis Algorithm, and Bluetooth Communication. The first one is to wear on the wrist of the patient to captures the abnormal heart beat waves from the victim and the alternate methods are installed under the stick.

The microcontroller available on the stick processes the algorithm of heart attack. Warning is provided to the patient of his heart situation. The Bluetooth emergency system asks for medical assistance when heart attack occurs. The productiveness of the suggested concept is made based on studies over the business present walking stick. Every three sub concepts reply positively.

It is cited by National Blood, Heart, and Lung organization that nearly three million people under India get heart attack and many are dieing every year. The heart attack occurs to the people if flow of oxygen and blood supply to muscle of heart is stopped and this is mainly due to Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

 The heart attack symptoms are identified on recognizing waveform of electrocardiogram (ECG). The ECG is to record the electricity of the heart and this is utilized under the identification of heart symptoms.


Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection ECE Seminar is concluded that the suggested Walking Stick including Heart Attack Detection is the rate productivity and is able to secure many old patients and assisting them to obtain the early medical assistance under heart attack.

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