University Management System CPP Project


I begin with a brief introduction about this project and the different stages of the design and the development of UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Before detailed discussion, first of all I would like to give an overall idea about this project.

In University a large amount of data is processed and the results are used in running an organization. The University management system project maintains the list of colleges and their different streams. It also maintains the examination and the result department with a proper menu system.

Tools/Platforms and Languages Used

Programming Language: C++

Documentation: MS-WORD

Output Screens

There will be different types of output screen such as help screen, main menu for listing the account holder records with their balance, for creating new accounts, displaying individual accounts details, displaying daily transaction reports and monthly report of bank/individuals and for modifying any account holder balances, closing their account and finally to exit from the Banking Accounting system.

Training of Personnel Involved with the System

Those who are directly or indirectly related with system development work must know in detail what their roles will be, how they can make the efficient use of the system and what the system will do or not do for them. Here both the employees and users need training.

System Operator’s Training:

Running of the system successfully depend on the personnel working on that system. So their training must ensure that they are able to handle all possible operations, both routine and extra-ordinary in nature.

Keeping the above objectives in mind system operator’s are trained with some fundamental topics as:

  • How to turn the equipment on and use it,
  • How to power off and a knowledge what constitutes normal operation,
  • Different types of malfunctioning, how to recognize them, and what steps should be taken whenever they arise.
  • As part of their training, operators are given both a troubleshooting list that identifies possible problems and remedies for them, as well as the names and telephone numbers of individuals to contact when unexpected or unusual problems arise.
  • Familiarization with run procedures, which involves working through the sequence of activities needed to use a new system on an ongoing basis.

User’s Training:

User training deals with the operations of the system itself, with proper attention given to the data handling techniques.
Users are trained in methods of entering transactions, editing, formulating inquiries, and view reports. Users are familiarized with simple systems maintenance activities.

Training Methods

In-house Training: The main advantage of offering in-house training is that instructions can be tailored according to the requirements of the organization.

Organization can involve more personnel in the training program because this type of training method is more economical.

Future Scope of the Project


Normally a Banking Organization covers different area of business. However this project UNIVERSITY MANAGMENT SYSTEM only covers the implementation of the student, college’s records and their various activities. The data accumulated in this project is used periodically to provide different types of managerial information.

The future applications of this UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM are:

I)             This overall project is basically written in function and can be used in conjunction with other program, for future development for UNIVERSITY system.

II)           We have provided many data function through which any one can know about any STUDENT/COLLEGE giving COLLEGE/STUDENT number.

III)         The project is using the modern trend OOPs that gives a better design to the software, which help in maintaining code in terms of reusability, modifiability, etc. These attributes a quit wanting in today’s complex software scenario. OOPs giving a better designs objective taken this problem and provide better design objective.

IV)          This software is design with OOPs so we chosen C++ language, which provide all features which will be needed in future. This software is having sounding economic aspect with the motion of controlling the local market.

V)           Cost of our project is comparatively low.

After using UNIVERSITY MANAGMENT SYSTEM the user will findthat in the package provided to them has some of the facilities are slightly different than any other packages. This project omits something or adds some additional minor details as and when required by the user.

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  1. sir i am a student of bsse and i want some code for project can you give me source codeof this project i thought this project help me a lot please send me source code if you giveme am vey thankful to you for your this kindness

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