Travel Planner Android Application

In this busy life, we find very little time for recreation or vacation. Nowadays more and more people would like to travel, explore and enjoy. A travel planning approach has recently been focus of interest for enhancing performance. Most traveler need to plan prior their traveling for energy saving and visiting maximum places of interest within the specific travel time.

Existing System

There are different applications available to plan your trip or vacation that includes booking flights, railway reservation, hotel bookings etc. This become easier as the users can check the availability of flights; rooms etc with just a websites are making impacting entry into the world of tourism. Past few years have seen a revolutionary rise in such websites. Some of the websites running successfully are Thomas Cook, TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip and Trivago.

Disadvantages of Existing System:

  • Low cost booking sites offer discounts with conditions.
  • User need to specify details foe every booking like flights, hotel rooms, restaurants etc.
  • Many websites, after displaying the list will redirect to other websites pages.
  • No option for specifying total vacation budget.
  • No proper sync between different categories like rooms maybe available but no availability of flights.

Proposed System

An application for travel that can take the user’s query and display various travel plans according to the query. User’s query includes source-destination, travel budget, and duration. The query is interpreted and the application displays various travel plans that are based on user’s query. The selected travel plan can be further customized. The proposed system is a web based application and maintains a centralized repository of all related information.


  • The Application will understand and interpret the query.
  • The budget allotted to various categories can also be prioritized i.e. prioritizing travel over food.
  • Selected travel plans can be customized.
  • Additional information about the destination, related images and videos, reviews is also available.
  • Various services are available in a single application like whether, alerts etc.

System Scope

Thus this application will help the users in planning the vacation by just specifying query. The tour operators business encompasses a large range of offerings. You can cater to inbound or outbound tour services like travel booking, hotel . The scope of tour operators business is vast; however you must do a cost benefit analysis before actually deciding what to offer in a tourism based website

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