Traffic Controlling System Using RFID

The thorough research on the current transportation system results in many problems of traffic signal scheduling, and maintaining the unique identity of a vehicle.

Since the traditional system on traffic controlling is predetermined, it is important to dynamically maintain the traffic controlling system. We use the RFID technology and the scheduling techniques which serves this purpose.

RFID system has RFID Reader and Tags which are used for the data collection from the vehicles, which has unique tag identity. Based on the database the number of vehicles in a particular region or the intersection can be calculated.

The database consists of the minimum attributes like the unique id of the vehicle, type of vehicle i.e., the two-wheeler or the four-wheeler, location of the vehicle, position of the vehicle, number of times the vehicle identified in that particular region.

Scheduling technique used is Oldest Job First (OJF) and Delay scheduling which are merged together and a hybrid scheduling algorithm is generated, where OJF is used for the static update of the platoon signal whereas the Delay scheduling is used in maintenance of the platoon dynamically.

Together merged the scheduling gives an appropriate and efficient output.

KEYWORDS: RFID, Delay Scheduling, Oldest job first Scheduling, Hybrid Algorithm.

Traffic control system is always a major problem which is not completely solved. so to overcome he problems of present traffic controlling system ,our project is proposed which is based on Rfid technology.


The traffic control system is static.
There are lots of congestion problems at intersections.
The technology used is outdated.
We also have a problem of theft of vehicles and forging the identity of vehicles.
In fact according to a survey of KPMG Indian Fraud survey 65% of crimes were theft of vehicles.


The proposed system overcomes every problem that are faced in the existing system.
It uses RFID technology.
RFID acronym Radio Frequency Identification.
It is a form of wireless communication which uses radio waves to identify and track objects.
Identify objects without direct line-of-sight.
Identify many objects simultaneously.
Identify objects within a particular distance i.e., few centimetres to several meters and up to kms depends on the frequency of the RFID reader.
In the project RFID Reader and RFID tags are used for data collection.


It can be used by cops for the unique detection of the vehicles as RFID is used.
For efficient and dynamic traffic control.
For maintaining less traffic congestion problem.
For prediction of number of vehicles in a particular region.


For maintaining the dynamic behavior of the traffic signal, we use the scheduling techniques like OJF (Oldest Job First) and delay scheduling .
Delay scheduling is to maintain the recently added jobs delay scheduling algorithm is called, it helps in making the job wait for a limited amount of time.
OJF is used for the dynamic implementation and delay scheduling is called with in the OJF for the static implementation controlling which is known as hybrid scheduling.

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