Text Editor Project in Java

Introduction to Text Editor Project:

For editing plain text files, a program called text editor is used. A plain text file is shown and edited by displaying all the characters the way they are involved in the file. The control characters of the used character set are the sole characters employed for mark-up. In real, it is newline, tab and form feed. ASCII is the most frequently used character set because of more frequent use of plain text files for programming and configuration and less frequent use of them for documentation (for instance, detailed instructions, user guides) as compared with the past. 

Text Editor is software that edits plain text and comprises of Java Swings and AWT. This project has all the frames prepared in Swing. These days, most of the programmers use Swing. Swing offers stronger and manageable GUI components as compared to AWT. Modern Java GUI is represented by Swing. 

Swing was a result of the shortcomings in Java’s original GUI subsystem: the Abstract Window Toolkit. AWT is a fundamental set of controls, windows and dialog boxes that aid a usable but restricted graphical interface. 

Text Editor Features: 

The text editor provides the fundamental features of an editor such as string searching, multiple font colors, various fonts and dock which includes the options most frequently used such as cut, copy paste etc. 

Text Edito System Analysis and Design: 

This phase involves the software development process and its entire structure. This phase also depicts the number of classes required for the package architecture, the database design and the data structure design. After the creation of the software development model, Analysis and Design play a vital role in the entire development cycle. Even a small flaw in the designing stage could prove to be very harmful in the later stages of the development of the software.

Download Text Editor Project in Java.

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