Technical Seminar Topics for Computer Science on Broadband Mobile

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic  on Computer Science on Broadband Mobile:

Introduction:-Cellular phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1990’s at that people stated adopting cell phones at very fast rate as it provide short message service(SMS) for people.

Future of mobile information society:-In past 10 years there wast development in mobile communication and internet and it will keep growing. In coming ten years all work of human will done by a machine like Robots etc.The technology in mobile has grown very much it provide as multimedia, remote monitoring and it access for internet. In coming times new jobs will be created in this field.

IP based Mobility:-In mobile transfer of voice is very important but now a days the demand for transfer of data in mobile is increasing. In mobile IP is defined to support host mobility which provide internet service in mobile. The development in internet mobility is very much such that it can transfer voice and image through cell phones called internet telephony.

Broadband content delivery:-In these days the communication market has move from voice to data and soon we will going to have a very high speed data transfer rate in mobile. There is great evolution of mobile communication in Northern American market. It provide high speed internet but price is high. Recently a 3G technology is also launched which provide a very high speed internet.

Mobile ad hoc networks: – It is a technology that create temporarily communication network among multiple terminals located in an area.

Wireless personal area networks (WPAN):- a WPAN is small network that can move with the individual and it can be configured by the individual.

Wireless sensor network:-It is great development in wireless network that has communication over a short distance at a low cost and has multi functional tiny sensor nodes.

Conclusion:-In future the user’s lifestyle will be driven by a network. There is vast growth in development of IT technology.

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