Technical Seminar Topic on Unix Networking Programming using C

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Unix Networking Programming using C:

UNIX is arrived earlier than Dos & Windows it is stay reverse behind as much as necessary to offer us the Internet, it achieve extraordinary task with a little key strokes. The features of UNIX are Multi-user system, Multi-tasking system, sample matching, system calls libraries and certification In Unix an IPC( Inter process communication) is happen this will helps in the communication among two procedure, they are in Single system and dissimilar system. In Inter Process communication we have dissimilar methods they are Pipes, FIFO (First in First out named pipes), Message queue, Semaphores and shared memory.

           Files are mostly used in the UNIX, Files are developed at a time and it can enter the resource at a moment, file is just a single line containing the sequence amount in ASCII, there are three steps to assign the numbers in sequence they are, It reads a sequence number file and it use the digit and It increments the number and writes it back.

Pipe the method of Inter Process Communication, Pipe is known as the flow of data in single direction, Pipes are work in a different ways of developments they are , Single Process, among two process and Three process in a shell pipe line. Shared memory is the greatest structure of Inter Process Communication that accessible in shared memory the data will be read by the server through input file and this data will be printed as message by the server.

The client will read the data which is send by the server from the Inter Process Communication Channel and that data will be copied from the Clients buffer, the server gets access to shared memory object by using the method called semaphores, the server reads  the data from the input file into the shared memory object. When the data understanding is finished the server notify the user by Semaphores. UNIX requires a dissimilar type of commitment to understand the subject.

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