Student Information System Java Project Source Code

The main of developing this Student Information System is to provide full source for all engineering Third year and final year students to enhancing their coding knowledge. mainly this application used in all educational insitutions for knowing student information including student name, roll number, address, parents details, fee details, marks in each subject. Teaching Assistants modules includes Login as Principle mentor, Login as Assosiates Mentor, SIS Admission, Exit.

Principle Mentor Interface having the below functions:

1) Add Course Details
(2) Display All Course Details
(3) Assign Associates
(4) Display Only Courses
(5) Display Associates
(6) Approve Teaching Assistants includes Enrolled Student for Teaching Assistants and Enter Student ID for which you want to approve features.
(7) Back to Main Menu

Where Add course details module contains below options:

  1. Enter Course id 
  2. Enter Course name
  3. Enter Mentor name 
  4. Enter duration days
  5. Enter starting date
  6. Enter ending date
  7. Enter number of weeks
  8. Enter number of credits
  9. Enter number of Students

Associate Mentor Interface Module contains Below options:

1) Make Schedule
2) Display Schedule
3) Update Course Students
4) Update Student Scores
5) Back to main menu

Front Office Interface Module Contains below options:

1) Student applications
2) Select Students
3) Display Selected Students
4) Enroll Students
5) Enroll for Teaching Assistant
6) Display Enrolled Students
7) Sign in Classroom
8) Students enrolling for exam
9) Make Schedule for Exam
10) List number of students applied for each exam
11) Generate Progress Card
12) Main Menu

  1. Student Information System class course module
  2. Student Information System Adding course module
  3. Display All course module
  4. update course information module
  5. Assign faculty module
  6. Display Offered Courses module
  7. Display associates module
  8. class associate mentor module where this module includes Course Id, Class Id, Room Number, Taken By, duration, date, exams with exam id, exam name,duration, classroom etc

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  1. Its all right but i want only the source code for student management system in java. Please give me.


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