Simulation Procedure of CBR traffic within the MANET

Simulation Procedure


                        The main concentration of this chapter is towards the explanation of the simulation procedure that is actually used in this proposed application development. Especially for the evaluation of performance of TCP traffic against the performance of the CBR traffic within the MANET using the AODV routing protocol in obtaining the results and making the comparison. The simulation procedure includes the detailed explanation of different tasks such as scenarios proposed, application settings, settings of mobile configuration, and settings of profile configuration and also the arrangement of attributes for the mobile nodes taken for the simulation.

This chapter also includes the explanation of statistical settings that are used in this particular application and also the acquiring of results needed from the references to the global statistics and node level statistics with corresponding mode is also explained. The sections below explains the step by step simulation procedure implemented in this project and the required deployment process that is used is also explained using the screen shots that are attached with the appendix section.

                            Eight scenarios are considered for the simulation of this project application and the design chapter already discussed about these scenarios in brief all these eight scenarios focus on the considered traffics across the MANETs using various routing protocols. 

Simulation of Scenario:

                            This is the first scenario of the simulation and this is assumed as scenario 1, and this deals with generation TCP traffic across the MANET using the FTP application by the usage of AODV routing protocol. The sections below explain the simulation of scenario 1 in step by step in various subsections and the network setup required for this scenario is explained below:

aodv_cbr WIRELESS

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