Seminar Report on Cyberware Seminar Topic

Introduction to Cyber ware Seminar Topic:

The Cyber ware is the phenomenon that is probably not available in the dictionary. The Cyber ware may call as the Techno- junkie pipe dream. This is the invisible computer interface with no data input, no eye strain, no backache, and no concentration on the screen. This is about the simple sleep by putting the data jack and think of the computer actions. This field is very much new and innovative. The Cyber ware currently known to have some hardware with computer programs and combined into the body that has connections between the central nervous system and the brain. 

The current active Cyber ware is of two kinds. The Interfaces and Prosthetic. 

Interfaces : The Interface also known as Head ware. The Interface has directly connection with brain. However this Cyber ware is very hard to apply but has the great feature of connecting via brain. The principle applies here the thoughtful Input and Output on the brain.

The Interface work is to receive the Input from the brain and transcript into the computer language and then the computer translates the language into meaningful thoughts to persons. Many Institutes has been researching on the direct neural interfaces. Firstly the analysis has to be performing in the laboratory animals and perform experiments of the tissues and its activities. The current trend of research is focusing on the electrical impulse monitoring, which is recorded and translated into other electrical signals which are transmitted by the brain. There is ongoing research on the hands free mouse or keyboard to do computer operations. The brain signals are used for these functions. The technology is called Brain- Machine Interfaces (BMI).

Prosthetic : The Prosthetic Cyber ware also called Body ware. This is more advanced than the past prosthetic. The new advanced Prosthetic has potential to provide the natural functions and looks. The Prosthetic Cyber ware is now integrated with Microprocessors for example the Artificial Limb which is able to control the movements that limb is embedded into the nerve ends of a person. The processors integrated with the My electric arms has given the perfection in the movements of the Prosthetic. 

The conclusion of the project Cyber ware is that the field has already started before few decades with the invention of Cochlear implant. But it makes the cells less sensitive. The current Cyber ware is much more advanced in functions like the Prosthetic integrated with the speech processor which is connected with the speech centers of the brain.

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