Wireless Technology Filling Blocks To Enhance Quality Of Image Project Report

Introduction to Wireless Technology Filling Blocks To Enhance Quality Of Image Project:

The Project focused on the filling up the blocks in misleads data in the Wireless image transmission. The images in the compact algorithms like JPEG, are divided into some blocks that consists of 8 x 8 pixels, which transmits into the channel, due to unwanted sound the images are collapsed.

The images of 8 x 8 pixels are measured into the two dimension Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) that leaded by Quantization and Huffman encoding.  Generally the image got transferred on the wireless channel block by block. That reduces the quality of the image which leads to loss of whole block or at least some continuous block. The packet loss may go up to around 3.6 %. 

In the case of losing a single block leads to the other blocks in the reset interval might not be received with correct average value. To make the transmission vigorous the Forward error correction (FEC) and Automatic transmission query protocols (ARQ) are used. The FEC also requires the extra error correction packets for transmission. The ARQ slows down the data transmission speed which also enhances the network to be congested that triggered the packet loss in the starting. Our project focuses on the reconstruction of the blocks which are lost with the help of information around it. 

The bandwidth efficacy of the transmission then can be enhanced. The principle is to structured the blocks and replace it with the information present around them. The approach of JPEG compression was also taken into consideration in which the encoder itself inhibits the blocks and restructured by decoder similar to wireless network. The project makes the development of compression proportion and less quality reduction. 

The Existing System 

The system is unable to overcome the problem of loss of image blocks. Images are normally JPEG compressed format. The algorithm implemented is Discrete Cosine Transform and Quantization and Huffman encoding. 

The Proposed System 

The lost blocks are restructured. The transmitter may transfer one bit for every block which shows the reconstruction. The Image in painting with sides in between two areas or characteristic transformation of color or the gray value. The structured block is determined by the block classification algorithm which is saved. The technique is applicable for every single block. The perfect image in terms of quality is produced. 

The system can be developed in Windows ZP/2000 operating system, JAVA (Java Swings) program, Eclipse tool. 

The hardware requires Intel processor IV, 20 GB hard disk, 128 MB RAM.

Download  Wireless Technology Filling Blocks To Enhance Quality Of Image Project Report.

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