Seminar on Convergence

Introduction to  Convergence Seminar Topic:

Convergence means convergence of voice, video and data services. It is effort made by telecommunications companies to satisfy the need of high quality multimedia service of public. Next generation network used to satisfy needs of network operator. The rich feature of NGN is used in Broadband convergence network in Korea. BcN can perform all function

BCN control network architecture:-It one of the type of NGN which is design to meet the requirement of business and communication for high speed multimedia service. It consists of application service, control network and OAM function module. Its service control scenario is unified communication that provides high speed voice, video and multi party communication. It provide a range of application service

Design methodology of a BcN control network: – The BcN network can support one or more control system services and can have certain relationship with other system. For designing it we first estimate the amount of subscribers, region and year then determine the control system and control network. Its capacity and expense calculation is estimated is based on number of subscribers and transactions for service request. In capacity and expense calculation of control links transmitted control traffic is estamited. Protection of BcN networks from accidents, human errror and system error is come under capacity and expense calculation of protection scheme. In it network performance is also taken into account. It is very high reliable.

Automated Design system of BcN control network: – for this we to develop automated BcN control network design which includes data input, design execution and result output. The control system includes unit cost, unit capacity and supporting service also.

Example of BcN control network: – It includes various design scenarios and the design results are obtained from the automated control network do BcN.

Conclusion:-This BcN network provide a various services. We have also presented design methodology based on automated design, the cost to design the network.

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