Security management in Large SQL Databases

Title: Security management in Large SQL Databases

• Security
• SQL Databases
• Security threats
• Large Databases
• SQL server

 Problem definition:

Additionally, a database language should perform on basic functions with minimum user exertion, and its syntax and command structure very easy to learn. Lastly it should be transferable; it should conform to some basic standard because an individual does not have to relearn the basics when moving from one RDBMS to another. SQL gather those perfect database language supplies well.
SQL functions into two categories:
• Data definition language (DDL): SQL provides commands to create database objects for instance indexes, views and tables, and commands to define access rights to those database objects.
• Data manipulation language (DML): SQL provides commands to insert, delete, update and retrieve data in the database tables.

Security threats in SQL server database

Next Generation Security Software (NGS Software) recently established “Threat Profiling Microsoft SQL Server,” which explains in detail tools and procedures that you can use to test your experience to intruders. According to NGS software, its provides four main sections.
• The first section will cover attacks that the attacker no needs to have a user ID and password for the SQL Server, it means attacks are unauthenticated.
• The second section will cover those attacks that have to authentication; to be successful the user should be logged onto the SQL Server.
• The third section will regard as those attacks that can be opened from a compromise server.
• The fourth section will handle briefly upon attacks through the Web using SQL Injection.
“ Threat Profiling Microsoft SQL Server” talk about the SQL Monitor port attacks, brute-force attacks, network-sniffing opportunities, file-system attacks, client attacks, password cracking, navigating the database server, bypassing access controls and etc. [2]

Aims: To develop a tool to manage the security in larger database which is more reliable, user friendly, cost effective and optimized solution
Objectives: This application has the following objectives
• To create a software that maintains all the security issues in SQL server databases
• To evaluate the security threats in SQL server database
• To provide a rich user interface to manage the security in the databases

Evidence of Requirements:

Implem Implementation of this project requires detailed understanding on security threats of SQL server databases and how to get rid of these threats. A front end tool is required to achieve this and to develop this tool; proper knowledge on Dot net frame work is required.

Context description:

• This is a one of the regular security applications across the SQL database
• Basic Dot net knowledge is required to develop this application

Research Method:

Both qualitative and quantitative methods are required to develop this application and few of them are listed below

• Research is done by referring online articles and journals about security threats in SQL server database
• Questioner’s are prepared and shared with the users of SQL server database and their general problems are recorded while working with the database
• Research is done to provide the software solution to the SQL server database users by searching lot of technical articles and solutions.

Brief Production Description:

This is Dot net based application developed to evaluate and provide solution to security threats in the large database like SQL server.

Deliverables: This application delivers the following

• Practical implementation of security threats in the SQL server database
• Working model of security tool for safe access to the database
• Proper literature review with high standard documentation that evaluate the performance of security of the SQL databases


This project emphasises design and evaluates a web-based system using appropriate processes and tools, as follows


Processor Name : Pentium-III
Processor Speed : 677 MHZ
Ram : 256 MB
Hard Disk Capacity : 20 GB


Operating System : Windows (32 bit)
Software : Dot net and SQL server database

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