Net Auction Project Java

Net Auction Project is being designed for the user so that he can easily take part in the auction conducted online. The auction takes place in a normal way the people interested in buying the things placed in auction are supposed to bid for that particular good, the person who bids highest on the item. The person placing the highest bid gets the right to own the item at the end of the bid. Bid is the exact amount of money offered on a item in auction in the bid by the seller. The buyer with the highest bid is the one who finalizes the purchase of the item with the seller of the item. Generally winning an auction means placing the winning bid on a selected item in the auction and then winning that item .Winner is generally the person offering the highest bidding amount is called the winner of the auction the proposed system has been divided into four main modules as follows.

a.)     Buyer Module:

In this module bidding can be carried out automatically. By the feature provided by the system called as automatic bidding feature. This feature provides user with an Enter Automatic Bidding Amount. It is optional facility been provided. Automatic bidding amount is the one of the highest amount which user wants to pay for the item user is bidding for, all you need to do id just enter the highest bidding amount in the “Enter Automatic Bid Amount” text box and click on “Bid Now” button.

b.)    Seller Module.

A bid can also take place normally, without using automatic bidding option. Automatic bidding bids for you when you are offline the system send you email notification every time it bids for you using automatic bid. The seller is the one who decides the starting bid amount or from what amount he/she want to starts the bid and also tell about the number of items available for bid. A auction is said to be multiple auction if more than one number of item is available for auction. The number of items available for auction can be verified from the “Quantity” box of the item for bidding. This type of auction is called Multiple Quantity Auction (MQA).

c.)     Admin Module:

Admin module is the one which has hold over the Seller Module and the Buyer Module. It also contains the reports regarding the expiry of auction held every day.

d.)    Reports Module:

This module helps the user to generate or get review of the various reports such as the buyer and seller report and the number of transaction held. 


            The operating system required is Windows. The technology used for developing this system is Core and Advanced java. At the back end we will be using oracle for database. IDE and server used will eclipse and Tomcat. Software’s required are J2SDK 1.5, Tomcat 5.5, oracle 9i. The Hardware requirements are Pentium 5 and RAM 256MB.  

Download Net Auction Project Java.

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