SD Card Interfacing with ATmega ECE Seminar Project

Within the last few years, the Secure Digital (SD) memory Card has evident like the de facto memory answer for the Equipments and portable gadgets such as mobile phones, camera, PDA, MP3 players, GPS navigation modules, and gaming consoles.

The SD Card Interfacing with ATmega ECE Seminar Project shows the method to interface SD card to increase the microcontrollers AVR non-volatile information storage ability. Hence, to satisfy the great memory needs of the general implanted application. ATmega16 is incorporated with Transcend 1 GB SD Card (TS1GSDC).

The goal of the SD Card Interfacing with ATmega ECE Seminar Project is to get the information from the User by keyboard of the computer and save under the SD CARD and get the similar data if the user likes. The subscriber would provide the choice option to read or write the information from or to the SDCARD.

The SD Card Interfacing with ATmega ECE Seminar Project is incorporated with SD Card (microSD). MicroSD cards are present very inexpensive and the high choice to have the great memory under any implanted method. This is compatible with SPI bus and hence the incorporation is simple.

The SD Card is incorporated which permits the simple integration into any model irrespective of microprocessor utilized. The SanDisk SD Card gives the other communication protocol for compatibility with controllers and the SD Card interface and it depends on the SPI standard.

Applications of the card are information storages, Mobiles, Camera Applications, and MP3 Players. The SD Card is the flash-based memory card which is especially modeled to obtain the performance, security, capacity, and atmospheric needs under improved video and audio user electronic gadgets.


It is concluded that the SD Card contains the copyright protection method which contains the security of the SDMI standard. This is quick and can have the great Memory capacity. The Card system makes use of uses mutual authorization and modern cipher algorithm to secure from unauthorized benefits of the card data.

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