Scalable Location-Aware Computing Best Seminar Topic for CSE Students

Introduction to Scalable Location-Aware Computing Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about an emerging technology, Location-aware computing and also discussed about a Rover system which enables location-based, traditional time-aware, user-aware and device-aware services. This computing includes the automatic information and services tailoring based on user current location. 


Must research has been carried out in the past decade on developing location-sensing technologies, location-aware application support and location-based applications as location is crucial component of context. Rover servers which implemented in “action-based” concurrent software architecture help to achieve system scalability to very large client sets.  The design and implementation of a multi-Rover system is still in its infant stage.  Rover system has huge impact on next generation of applications, devices and users.  

The location service of Rover system can track user’s location either by user manually entering current location or automated location determination technology.  Rover tailors application-level information between different wireless links based on link layer technology.  A rover system scales to large client population by using the process of fine-resolution application specific scheduling of resources in the network and at the servers. A user who possesses a personal device can gain access to Rover by registering his device and then Rover system tracked those devices.  Location-aware computing is emerging as an important part of everyday life. 


Rover system is a deployable system which uses both indoors and outdoors technologies. The main target of this system is to provide a completely integrated system that operates and allows a seamless experience of location aware computing to clients. Researches are still carrying out with a wide range of client devices which having limited capabilities and also for Bluetooth-based LAN technology. Rover Technology enhances the user experience in a large number places, amusement and theme parks, shopping malls, game fields, offices and business centers. The benefits of this Rover system are very higher in large user population environments as it is designed to scale to large user populations. 

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