Sample Questionnaires

Questionnaires are the type of research techniques used in the interview process which includes different types of research questions related to research problem and research objectives. Questionnaires play the key role in entire research process because the actual research questions of the research process can be obtained from questionnaires. The objectives of the research process are divided into sub questions and by using different data approaches researcher will gather the information to fulfill the research questions.

Pilot test for questionnaires

The questionnaires included in the research process have undergone the pilot test through which the reliability and validity of the research process can be identified. In the pilot test process the questions are evaluated first and prepared the questions in a simple manner, so that participants can easily understand those questions. Each and every participant will be treated equally and they have all rights to express their own opinions on research topic.

The entire research process is carried out in a reliable manner and researcher followed the ethical rules and even allowed the participants to follow those ethics.

Participants are not forced to express their opinions and the answers given by participants will be considered as important information. The communication process will be carried out through phones and emails and finally the questions in the research questionnaires will be fulfilled by the answers given by participants. Researcher has conducted many mock sections for research interviews in order to complete the research process in a successful manner. 


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