AIM:RS232 TO RS485 CONVERTERS For Controll Applications project is designed to implementation MODBUS protocol using RS485 half duplex transmission.In the present days the field of electronics has took lot of developments and the security services in the presence and the absence of manpower. The industrial security system comes under the class of emerging embedded technologies.

DESCRIPTION: This project is designed to implement a MODBUS protocol using RS485 half duplex transmission. At the transmitter side data that is transmitted by the master is transmitted through LTC485 transceiver and at the receiver side the data is received through LTC485 and the resulted data will give to PC through RS232 communication. Max232 is a driver for rs232 communication. It is used in multiple master slave applications, RTU applications, HMI’s, innumerable gas and oil substation applications. Advantages are simplicity, standard Ethernet, availability of many devices.

download RS232 TO RS485 CONVERTERS For Controll Applications.