Requirements of QoS for voice against IP

Requirements of QoS for voice against IP:

 In the latest research studies the main concentration is applied on the study of “Quality of service” for the IP networks. As a result to this the competition for the development of Qos solutions is increased. Estimating and developing the QoS solutions for IP networks particular in the situations of various kinds of IP traffic types that ate available is not the MSF intension.

The main intension of MSF in the present situation is to resolve the issues related to encouraging of voice services across the IP networks. Therefore the characteristics of the “toll quality voice services” must be considered significantly by regarding the Qos mechanisms of IP networks. The following are the performances that are needed for the “toll quality voice service”.

  • When once the call control accepts a call and when resources that are allocated to the call must be carried by the voice quality that is needed for the completion.
  • As far as possible physically, the calls established must be secured against the disturbances caused by the network. And this causes to some allegations and one among those is when it is allocated with the IP network that is connectionless, that is due to the over loads that are caused suddenly by the traffic’s re-routing the constant calls are affected adversely by the loads by various parts of the network.
  • The networks should have the capacity of encouraging the attempts of call setups that are of very high level. Several call attempts of busy hours are supported by the narrow band exchanges that are exist and the volumes that are comparable must be supported by the VOIP network.
  • When the heavy load is focused. The calls that can’t be continued must be avoided and during this process the call which will carry the capacity must not be degraded.  

                    basic service set and extended service set

Figure:  basic service set and extended service set

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