Project Report On Future Trends In Automobile Engineering

This Project Report On Future Trends In Automobile Engineering and the contents of the report are “Aerodynamically designing of vehicle and types of cars, Modern engine designing, a-ATFT technology of Hunk-VVT-I Engine of Toyota, Advance CVT Transmission”. Currently automobiles progress with many advanced technologies which makes journey safe and comfortable. This report also present some of the advanced technologies adopted in automobiles. As per the report the definition of Automobile is “a self -propelled vehicle”. The first three-wheeled automobile was built by Carl Benz a German Scientist in 1885 working on Otto cycle.

The report provides the brief details about Aerodynamics. Aerodynamics makes the car safer and makes it more fuel efficient. It is used in most of the cars today specially in race cars because there is more need of aerodynamics in high speeds cars. Second content of the report explain the Modern Technologies in Engine designing.

The next content explains about VVT-I stand for variable valve timing with intelligence. Older in port vehicles has VVT but no intelligence, these newer systems are more efficient and powerful because they do not operate off preset values, and they are “intelligent” and respond to live data for the current situation. This provides you with better fuel mileage, better horsepower and cleaner burning emissions. The other content of the report is continuously variable transmission, or CVT, is a type of automatic transmission that provides more useable power, better fuel economy and a smoother driving experience than a traditional automatic. Finally the report explain about the different kinds of Safety features such as Pre-Crash System, Assisted parking, Air Bags, Anti-lock braking system, Global Positioning system (GPS).


The modern feature in Automobile will design the vehicles with the help of modern and advanced technology which provides comfort, safety, complete automotive emission standards. These features make the passenger journey comfortable and safe.

Download Final Year Project Report On Future Trends In Automobile Engineering.

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