Patient Care System Using GSM & GPS Abstract

For any application in the hospitals there are many parameters to be handled. In PATIENT CARE SYSTEM USING GSM & GPS project we are concentrating a temperature sensor and heart beat sensor. This sensor is fixed on the patient, for our application to be performed. The Sensor gathers the values and sends the information to the microcontroller continuously. The microcontroller receives the values and sends the corresponding values to the LCD to display. This is a cyclic process which performs till our requirement is done. Whenever the temperature or heart beat exceeds the set point the controller reads the Location from the GPS receiver and sends the message about the temperature and hart beat and location  to the specified numbers through the GSM modem . This process is automatic which depends on the Set-Point.

Applications for this are Hospitals with heavy parameters to handle, complicated areas where we can’t monitor the conditions manually; these are now days used in all kind ofHospitals.


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