Question Exam Portal A PHP Project With Code And Paper presentation

Question exam portal php project is for CSE Final Year students who are looking for examination related final year project.This project is related to projects like student information system project which is implemented in Java and Online study portal project . These both projects can be used as final year projects.


About Question Exam portal Project.

This project is used to implement a auto generating question based software for educational practice which will be better than regular book practice.As we see usage of computers and software are increasing in present trend developing this education software will be very helpful for students. Now a days many competitive exams are conducted using online software students can get practiced to the environment.

This application is developed using a sequence of general purpose syntactic transformation to turn sentences in to questions. Based on the quality of the questions educators can use give these questions to students for best practice.

Using this application online test system will be simplified and using of manual paper system will be reduced, this is best practice for reducing paper usage, educators and  students can save lot of time. This application will help educators to evaluate candidates standard using this automated system. And one of the best features is it can be practiced through online.

This question generator cse final year application will generate qualified questions from a text. This project will create new environment for research which can be used for intelligent tutorial system and closed-domain question answering system. This application is new method to replace existing methods with template or syntax based methods.

Generally speaking, a QG system can be helpful to the following areas:

 This application will provide option for students to select there interested topic so based on that intelligent tutorial will generated automated questions for practice. Students can practice on tough questions that appear in examinations.

• Closed-domain Question Answering (QA) systems. Some closed-domain qa systems use pre-defined (sometimes hand-written) question-answer pairs to provide qa services. By employing a qg approach such systems could expand to other domains with a small effort. 

• Natural language generation systems. qg can help to generate, for instance, Frequently Asked Questions from the provided information source in order to provide a list of faq candidates.

4) Search module 

In this module we can search the crime in station wise, nature of crime.

5) Administrators Module

The module will be protected by user ID and password. Ordinary users of the software will not be permitted to enter into this area of the software. The module will be focusing on the maintenance like Master Data Maintenance, Removal of old and outdated data from the software etc.

6) Avocation Module

This Module deals with the Law part of every Crime.


  1. i tried to connect question exam portal with xamp and sqlyog,it is connected but help me to know how to connect the admin inorder to display test engine in the home page and validation for name.

  2. about to connect the database it’s up to your connection information change connection string with your Setting

  3. I have problem with importing database sqlfile.
    wamp server saying its big file to import.
    please help me to overcome this problem.

  4. kindly send me the code of online question paper generation system code and documentation in php and mysql for final year project….

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