Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing:

Mobile computing is fast growing technology ,paper presentation on Mobile Computing explains in detail about this topic.Now a day’s cellular technology is the most widely used technology. It works on the frequencies that connect to millions of the users. Earlier analog technology was used that was based on the wires to connect but they are limited to the home. Then in 1990s GSM technology came that introduced the mobiles, and it becomes the mode of communication from anywhere and at any time. They use the frequency between the 890-915 MHz and 935-690 MHz for the receptions. Every cell consists of number of channels and they are needs to register to the nearest base stations.

Mobile Communications Overview Block Diagram:

Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing with Full Report

Users can do data communication, it means that they can share information, or they can share file, send Mail, connect to the internet and WWW. They provides variety of networks to access data communication like PSTN, ISDN, or ATM. They all are partly analog and digital. They either do packet switching or circuit switching. In circuit switching data are sending from one user to other user and they have to follow the specific path. If in case the link that you are busy then your message cannot be redirected and that might create delay. While in case packet switching they utilize the network efficiently, they break the message in to small parts and they are sending in to packets. In mobile phones user can move from one place to other place and they can talk while walking also.

Circuit Switched CDPD Diagram:

Circuit Switched CDPD

Mobile computing-CDPD technology:

Today mobile communication is dominated by the CDPD technology. In this system if your communication idle then you are not charged for that. This reduces the cost of the communication and slow transmission.

While CDPD networks allow it users to connect the users to connect with fixed link. They always connect to the existing network and transmit the data with the help of circuit switch.

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Mesh Networking Seminar Report

Mesh Networking Seminar Report covers in depth information on this topic here we explain about basic out line of the topic.This topic explains about concept of networking in which each node needs to capture its data but also they disseminate their own data. They are depended on the other nodes and then they send the data in to the network. They are designed with the help of routing or flooding. When we send message on the network then message travel on the path by jumping from one node to others nodes and in this way they reach the destination.

The connection we create must be continuous and they must be connected to each other. Mesh Network is something like MANET, or ad hoc networks. To resolve the problem of continuous network we have to use self-healing based algorithms. It does not allow to break even single node and it make the connection reliable. These types of networks are used in the wireless networks.

A mesh Networking Example:

Mesh Networking Seminar Report

Different Types of Network in Wireless Mesh Network:

Zigbee: it is the high level communication that uses very low power.  They are based on the IEEE standard that used radio signals for communication. They are used in different applications. They are developed for personal networks. They can be used in the light switches, meters, or home appliances that will operate on your message send by from cell phone. They are not expensive like other WPANs such as Bluetooth. They are developed for short range communication. They can send data at the speed of 250 kbps.

Wi-Max: they are also the wireless networks. They are wireless broadband networks that work like telecom operators. They send signals using high towers. It is also called 4G. They send the data at the speed of 75Mbits per sec.  

Wi-Fi: they are wireless network that are limited to the building or college campus. They can be used in the mobile and the Laptops for internet connection. they can also be used in the other device that have Wi-Fi feature.

This Mesh Networking Seminar Report is submitted by computer science students. Students can also find paper presentation on this topic.

Content in Mesh Networking Seminar Report:

Types of mesh Networks

Mesh Network exmaple

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Vehicle Hiring System

Vehicle Hiring SystemVehicle Hiring System Project Overview:

This Vehicle Hiring System project is developed for KRM. KRM transport is the company that started hiring vehicles according to the categories for their industries and for individuals. They started with the small business but later they were expanded with their skills and innovations and now they have become the well-known organization.

They developed full specified system that has database related to the fields.  They store completer information about the vehicle rental system. They keep the complete records of the vehicles and the clients. They also can track the vehicle that was hired by some client. They have developed recovery system in case of any information is lost. Every client has been given unique ID and password.

Modules in Vehicle Hiring System Project:

These systems have different modules like they store staff information, customer information and their vehicles details like price, name, model etc. These systems are only used by the administrator, sponsors, salesmen and supervisors.

Objectives for Implementing This Project:

 Encourage clients to participate in the project. They also need to understand the various business standards. Make a research of collect complete details about the systems. To make the system secure and more standard we need to design data base that will store complete information about the vehicles. We need to design ER diagrams, relationship models and feed the entire schema that will be necessary in the application.

After the complete theory study its now turn to get practical, now we need to program the application by selecting appropriate programming language, that can provide user friendly GUI. This application will involve user authentication, it will ask for username and password. Then it gives different modules that will be categorized according like user details, vehicles hiring details. After creating the complete application we need to prepare the documents, presentations, etc. and other information related to the product in the printed form.

IT Project Process Management Java Project Documentation

IT Project Process ManagementIT Project process management is the project that is used to track the various IT projects and scan it and search for the solutions. This is used to monitor the complete project, documents, project source codes, name and other details of the project. This system works on three phase project initiation, Windup stage and regular mode.

The existing project management system that is developed in that user can update it details manually whenever he requires. They need to inform the group leader to make changes in the project or details. These systems have one problem that whole data is stored in MS-Excel, means each and every data is stored manually and they are not safe and each and every calculation is done manually. This consumes lot of time.

We need to develop new application that will be based on the database and they are more, fast, safe and secure than manual operations. It will the task easy, data will be secured so the general can’t manipulate the data. This will be based on the different modules:

Modules in IT Project Process Management Project:

login screen: it is the authentication of the employee with username and password; other user can’t access the system.

Add/update/delete projects: in this you can add your project, with name, your employee number, start and ending date of the project. You can delete the existing project. You can update your documents.

 Status report: you can track the current status of the reports with all the details. It will show all the completed documents, pending documents, with start dates and employee details.

To develop this application we will use JSP that is the part of the Java. We will MY SQL as the database and tomcat server that is used to run our application or you can say that it is PC based server.

Intra Communication Software Documentation

Intra Communication Software project application Documentation is designed with the help of the Java. It is used by the professional programmers to making applications using applets and servlets.  They are robust and secure. They provide programming features like object, encapsulation, abstraction, multi-threading, inheritance, polymorphism etc. they use servlet that is its own java server or you can say that it is the part of the java server. It helps in creating online applications. They provide GUI environment that makes the development of the application more attractive.

Modules in Intra Communication Software:

Admin module: it used for the control of the all the operations, give permission, or remove permissions. We can add any user or remove any user. We can send any messages to the users. We can access the data of the application.

User module: this is developed for the users who can do operations to his profile or create chat rooms, do conferencing with the other users. He can add other user to his profile and talk to them and check whether they are online or not.

Conference module: this module is used by the administrator to develop the chat rooms and they can check the chat rooms which are currently available.

Reports module: this module gather all the data from different modules and present the report on that. This module can be accessed by the administrator only.

Intra Communication System Activity Diagram:

Intra Communication Software Activity diagram

To develop this application we will use Java Scripts, html for coding and the coding can be done in the My Eclipse IDE. To run this Intra Communication application we need tomcat server in our system. To manage whole data of the application we need to use Oracle database, this will keep whole data safe and well managed. Our system must have at least RAM of 256MB to run all these software’s.

Contents in Intra Communication Software Documentation:

  • Abstract
  • ER Diagrams
  • UML Diagrams
  • Database design
  • Class Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram