Project Report On Static Converter For Railway

This Project Report On Static Converter For Railway starts with by explaining the details about Electric Loco Shed. Electric Loco Shed maintains locomotive for utilization in freight and passenger train. All the miner and major inspection are carried out in the shed on a regular schedule specified by RDSO (Research Design Standard Organization).

The Static Converter provides an artificial means by which a three-phase motor can be operated from a single-phase supply thereby offering a cost-effective solution to this dilemma. In most instances, no modification to the machine is necessary.

The first Static converter was used in WCAM – 3 locomotives jointly developed by RDSO and BHEL in 1997. The Static Converter converters the DC / AC voltage into 3 phase 415 volts for running auxiliary machines. This converter was supplied by ACEC. In late 19s, SIEMENS provided 8 nos 180 KVA Static Converter in conventional Locomotive at ELS / NCR / CNB. Presently CLW manufactures only Static Converter fitted locomotive and till date, the total population of Static Converters fitted locos are more than 750.  Advantages of Static Converter

i.          Very steady output voltage with maximum regulation of ± 5%.

ii.         All the three phases’ output voltages are balanced resulting in balanced supply to the loads.

iii.        Very high system efficiency.

iv.        Soft starting of loads possible resulting in reduced system over loading.

v.         In-built fault management system with storage of faults and traces.

vi.        Various problems of auxiliary machines are reduced due to regulated and balanced supply voltage.

Project Report On Static Converter For Railway Conclusion:

Static frequency converters are today the equipment of choice for the links that exchange energy between railway power supplies and national electricity grids. Further development of the semiconductor elements, which are connected in series, plus a new type of Gate Unit, made the high rating and the good economy of the link possible.

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