Project Report on Client Side Tracking System

Introduction to Client Side Tracking System Project:

The main aim of this project is to develop an operation for client side tracking employing with MS-Access. This srs documentation has been composed for the administrators and firm staff employing the group intranet. The aim of this operation is to inspect the situation from which a user logs into make himself conscious of the local conferences and other programs that are being held.

The fundamental operation of this happenings calendar is to offer a monthly coverage of the happenings and conferences that are planned for the different divisions of the firm. The happenings calendar would assist the staff member for planning his week or month accordingly. Their situation on Google map and network description can also be seen through this.

The operation will be created employing Visual Studio 2008 (.NET framework) and MS-Access. In order to approach it, one needs to have an active intranet or internet connection.

User Interfaces:

  • The appearance and experience should be professional but light interface should be enchanting.
  • The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and MS-Access should be employed.

Hardware Interfaces: The devices that are consistent alongside the website are general web browser consistent devices.

Software Interface: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Office Access are required.

Functional Requirements:

  • To trace the geographical situation of a user approaching the intranet
  • Accessibility to the happenings description to that situation
  • It assists in making the whole staff aware of the happening.

Non-functional Requirements:

  • Displaying the situation employing the Google Map web API
  • Safeguard access of happenings while attach, deleting and altering
  • Accessibility round the clock.

A user is given the login screen and as soon as he logs on, he can see the local events alongside the Google map situation and Network data.

Download  Project Report on Client Side Tracking System .

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