Career Analysis Java Project


“Career Analysis” is a web application developed in java & MySQL Database. This project enables users to search information about colleges and college location. The user can get all the detailed information about colleges and course details. Users can select their interested category and branch. Users can get the information of colleges just in one click. Users need to give their rank to know the suitable college for their rank. This application provides required information of the engineering and medicine colleges and the location of the college.

Existing System:

In the existing Career Analysis system, physical effort is needed and proper information is not provided within time. The user needs to go physically to the college and give his rank to know the suitable and available college’s. Complete information of the colleges and course is not provided to users. This system takes a lot of physical effort and time.

Proposed System:

The proposed Career Analysis system provides an easy and accurate way to search colleges. The User can get all the details of colleges and course details in just one click. The user needs to give their rank and find the details which do not require any physical effort and time loss.



Admin needs to get logged in by entering valid credentials. Admin can view all the details of users. Admin can activate and deactivate users. Admin can add engineering and medicine college details.


The user needs to give all the required information in the registration form to get a unique username and password. The user can select the category branch and need to enter their rank. The user can get the result with the suitable college and its information after entering rank.

Software Requirements to develop this application below:

Netbeans 8.0.1, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Project Outputs Description:

  • Home Page of Career Analysis Project

  • Admin Login Page

  • Admin Home Page

  • View Users Page

  • Add Engineering Details Page

  • Add Medicine Details Page

  • User Registration Page

  • User Login Page

  • User Home

  • Course Details Page

  • Branch Details Page

  • Search College Page

  • Search Result Page

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