Privacy Preserving Data Mining CSE Project Report

There is happening a great increment in the data that are storing in the databases or various other applications which are bounded by the various technologies that are used in this generation on a large scale. Data processing and the data binding are the some of the types of the simple approach of the privacy sector and its department. In the previous years the mining of the data’s are also compressed to the sectors related to the privacy sectors. PPDM called as the privacy preserving and the data binding are the standard features that are used in the execution of the programs.

The work the responsibility that is related to the existing system is techniques that are targeted to the data and its new update and the construction to the current systems. The comparison of the fuzzy approach, the experimental results and the features of the fuzzy approach are some of the related attributes of the system here.

The total sharing of data from one system to another has become very useful and demand-able in today’s generation and also in the minds of the users and other people’s. This system is not only expressed in the sensitive case but also by the other user and the people related with the privacy and the protection. This system is tested and configured by the Apache server which successfully generates the proper expected results.

In the current work and the study of the existence of the new and the updated version of the system the developers use the FCM algorithm which is used as the parameters to the source codes at the code generation time duration. In the upcoming future this system can be even more extended by the data that are complexly related to the category.

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