Precudure to make JDBC Code of Struts Action Class as Flexible Code to modify

Precudure to make jdbc code of Struts Action class as flexible code to modify:

With respect to StrutsDemoApp2 project of NetBeans IOE:-

Step1: Take extra properties file in the project having the following Jdbc properties.




Step3:- configure above my file with logical name “file2”

In Struts-config.xml:-

5 jsp taglibraries of Struts Application:-

Html tag library –> gives jsp tags alternate for traditional html tags. Useful to design form pages in Struts App.

Bean tag library –> gives jsp tags to work with form bean properties req, session, application, attributes also useful to deal with properties file.

Logic tag library –> gives jsp to perform conditional and iterationaloperations.

Nested tag library  –> gives jsp to perform nested conditionals, nested iteration operation.

Tiles tag library  –> given to work with layout page of files framework.

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