Patient Record Management System Project

Patient Record Management system project is a web portal designed in using Microsoft SQL Server database. Main idea behind developing this application is to provide a solution for hospitals to manage patient’s records and details in single software. Patient management system application can manage information of patients health details, appointment details, payment details, past visiting details..etc.

Patient Record Management System

Project Overview:

With the increase of Multispecialty hospitals in every area number of patients visiting hospitals is also increasing. It is becoming tough task for hospital management team to manage details of every patient in the form of records. There are many issues in getting old records updating records giving printing details..etc.

Considering all these issues hospitals are using software application like patient management system which will handle all these details in software.

Forms Overview:

When application is executed main form is displayed which consists of admin, doctor, employees, feed back, about us and contact us.

Admin Module:  Admin is the main module for this application. In order to use this application admin should have username and password.

Admin form consist of add, delete, modify, search, log out options.

Add Form: Using add form admin can add details of employee, doctor , medicine, test, specialists and room details.  Each form will have details with name, address, phone number and other required details.

Doctor Addition form:  This form is visible for admin with employee name, doctor code, specialists, available timing,  contact number, description, charges, username and password.

Medicine Addition: This form is useful for admin to update medicine details. This form consists of medicine code, medicine name, prices, notification dates, expiry dates, company name, batch number, quantity.

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