Paper Presentation on Facial Recognition Technology

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Facial Recognition Technology :

This Technical Seminar Presentation explains about biometrics system which is used to identify or recognize the face of the person by making the use of the sensor technology. Biometrics is a complete automatic process which is a measurable, robust and then distinguishes the physical characters of the person. It also recognizes the personal details of the person and then verifies the clear and the detailed identity of the desired person. This process is fully carried out automatically when once the machine is set on the active state.

There are two main uses of the biometric application like the Identification and the Verification. In the Identification process the system checks for the clear identity of the person by recognizing it from the sensor devices. Here the searches can a single at a time or also can be multiple searches at a time.

After this process the command goes to the verification process here the system verifies the entire detail and the face of the person from the matches in the database which is already been stored in it. At this session there can be only a single verification at the sane duration of time.  There are for types of biometric applications called as the Iris scanning, Retinal Scanning, Voice reorganization and the finger Printings.

The Iris scanning counts and measures the colored portion of the eyes, the Retinal scanning counts and measures the vessel patters at the backside of the eyes, the voice reorganization traps and detects the voice and the finger scanning takes the prints of the fingers for the better security purposes. The step wise operation of the system is first the system traps the picture of the face of the person, then the verification of the face of the person is done in the system, comparison is made and similarity is verified, and at the last the system decides whether it is a match or it is a no match of the person’s face.

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