Collaborative Online Tutorial System Java Project


Now a days Tutorial Points are becoming useful to the students who are in the search of quality education. So, this application provides the support for both the tutors and students. The Admin is the head of this application who can view the students and tutors registered into the application. Admin will add the courses. The tutors who need to be registered and login and can select the course he would like teach by providing location and timings.

Students who also need to register and login into the application while registering student will give the location and after logging when he selects the course. The tutors available in that location and the course that tutor can teach both are matched and the request will be sent to admin. Admin will confirm the request therefore student can view the tutor details.

UML Diagrams:

Use case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

There are 3 Modules present in the application:

  1. Admin
  2. Tutor
  3. Student


Admin will login with the default username and password. Admin can view the registered tutors and students. He can also view the requests from tutors. Admin will confirm the requests then the details of tutors are shown to student and the tutor will be assigned to student.


Tutor will login and register into the application by giving the username and password, after logging in tutor will select the course and location and the timings with his availability. If any student requests were there in that locality the tutor will be assigned to student. 


Student will register and login into the application by giving username and password and student need to select the course and timings and if any tutors available in that area the request will be forwarded to admin, admin will confirm the request the tutor will be assigned to student.

Existing System:

In Existing System, the users need to visit the nearest tutorial point and there after he need to enquire the courses and the availability timings of the tutor. This makes the process lengthy and complicated.

Proposed System:

In Proposed System the tutors and students will registered and based on the student’s locality the tutors will be mapped by the timings selected by the student, this makes the whole process simple and effective.

Output Results:

Home Page:

Admin Login Page:

Admin View Tutor Page:

Admin Add Course page:

All Output Results:

2.Admin Login
3.Admin Home
4.View Tutor
5.View Students
6.Add Course
7.View Tutors Request
8.Tutor Registration
9.Tutor Login
10.Tutor Home
11.View Profile
12.View and Select Courses
13.View Feedback
14.Student Registration
15.Student Login
16.Student Home:
17.View Profile
18.View and select courses
19.View Tutor
20.Feedback Page

Software Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

Processor-Intel Core, RAM-2 Gb , Hard disk-500 Gb.

Software Requirements:

Operating System-Windows 7/8/10, Front End-HTML, CSS, JavaScript NetBeans7.4, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

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  1. give me source code. I am developing android app for this topic. I will share my source code to you . We can be collaborative developers for this topic.

  2. please sahre the source code for this project , I want to learn the funcationality on riorty of rinterview

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