Active City Administration Java Project


Active city administration system is a interface for citizens to provide communication with administrative body. It reduces the distance and time barrier between citizens and administration.


Active city administration is a web based application. It is a user-friendly online interface. This application creates an online platform where people can share ideas , invoke discussion, issue complaints, create suggestion/petitions for improvement of city administration.

This application is based on a Automated process. It creates a easy platform for people to communicate with administrator body. Active city administration provides direct communication with admin. Users can discuss various topics. Share their ideas, give their views also. By using this application users can save time and get immediate access with the admin.


Objective of this active city administration is to encourage and to bring transparency and flexibility in the system. To make the communication easy.


Administration Module:

Creates and monitors the accounts of authorities. To filter the content reported as inappropriate and handle threats. Handle complaints about improper response  by municipal authorities.

Citizen Module:

User should be able to create new account, log in to their existing accounts which will give them the authority to use the services provided by the system.  Authenticated users should be able to issue complaints check complaint status, submit feedback browser through other complaints and their feedback. Authenticated users should be able to create suggestion/petitions, other users can support or make suggestions for petitions forward petitions to corresponding authority for possible implementation.

Officer Module:

Officer authorities can log-in to their accounts as created by administrator. Authorities can access all the complaints, suggestion form user. Invoke proper activity in  Response to valid complaints, or redirect inappropriate complaints to the administrator. Gives response to complaints with activity reports.

NGOs Module:

NGO can form user groups similar to other users. NGO’s can publicize their Social causes on the site.

Software Requirements:

Technology                          :           J2SE & J2EE

Web technology                  :           HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Web Server                         :           Tomcat5.5

Java Version                       :           JDK 1.6

Backend Database              :           Oracle 10g


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