Network Load Balancing Project Source Code In Vb.Net And Project Report

        Network load balancing project Description:

Network load balancing project is implemented in platform as front end and Microsoft sql server as back end. This application is useful for networking engineers for managing traffic of a network. In distributed network communication audio and video files from one source to many destinations are transmitted and this should work on quality of service requirements. Routing protocols are implemented with a cost feasibility. Cost mainly depends on maximum number of links allocated and existing methods same cost is provided of each link.

In this paper we propose  we analyze performance of each link and its cost under both multicast routing algorithms and skewed real time workload.

Detailed explanation about network load balancing system is explained in project documentation.

download Network load balancing project source code in and project report.

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  1. Sir I try to one project from vb. Net. Accept data from vb and store MS access. Vb tools for add, delete and search buttons.

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