Music World HTML Project

Name of the Project : Music World

Project Objectives : Create a website which displays all the information about music and various categories of music like: jazz, rock, rap, pop and classical. All the information about artists and their Histories.

Music Website Home Page

Project Initiation / Requirement Documents

  1. Information about the artists.
  2. Information about the albums.


  1. Hardbound Documentation of the project.
  2. You need to follow all the following points as a part of your Projects execution process and will carry 10 marks in the final project Results.

a)   Send us 2 eprojects status mail, each should be after 10 days interval from
your eprojects start date. Incase if your project is less than 30 days then also you need to send 2 status mails (first status mail between 7-10 days and second 3 days before the end date of project).

b)  The status mail should consist of Snapshot / screenshot with description / review (what’s going on the project). Also you can send your doubts / clarification or any additional inputs required to complete your eproject any time during the project planning and execution.

c)    At the time of project submission also send us the feedback along with your documentation (soft and hard bound copy). The feedback form is attached with this mail.

  1. Project Dependencies
  2. Quality plan

o   Review Activities

o   Testing Activities


  1. Hardware

o   A minimum computer system that will help you access all the tools in the courses is a Pentium 166 or better.

o   64 Megabytes of RAM or better.

o   Windows 98 (or higher if possible)

  1. Software

o   Notepad / HTML editor

o   Dreamweaver

o   IE 5.0 / Netscape 6.0

Music Project Design


Index  Page:     This  page  serves  as  home  page  of  the  site  where  user  is  introduced  to  the  site.  It also categorize   all   the functions  of  the  site.

Classical  Music  Page:   Shows  all  the  information  about  Classical  music  and  Classical  artists. 

Jazz  Music  Page:  Shows  all  the  information  about  Jazz  music  and  Jazz  artists. 

Pop  Music  Page: Shows  all  the  information  about  Pop  music  and  Pop  artists. 

Rock  Music  Page:   Shows  all  the  information  about  Rock  music  and  Rock  artists.

Rap  Music  Page:  Shows  all  the  information  about  Rap  music  and  Rap  artists. 

Artists Page:Shows   the information about Artists of all the time. 

Albums Page:Shows the information about top rated Albums and new Albums.

Instruments  Page:  Shows  all  the  information  about  the  instruments  which  are
used  by  the  artists.

About Us PageA  brief  introduction  about  the  members  who  created  the  site.

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